Chateau Civrac - new claret


Contemporary Bordeaux Wine - made naturally and supplied direct from the Winemaker.



Chateau Civrac is a fruity, rich and long lasting ‘new claret’

Chateau Civrac is a fusion of the quality of the old world, but with the approachability of the new. "Our wine is a classic blend of cabernet sauvignon, merlot and malbec but made in a contemporary and honest style.

Chateau Civrac is made with respect for nature

Our wine is hand harvested to get the best flavours, maturing the wine in new oak barrels and minimising any chemical treatments. It is a pleasure to drink with or without food."

Hand harvested grapes

We are taking a very high quality, but respectful approach to winemaking, a "slow" approach, including hand harvesting and minimising any chemical treatments. This is leading to a fusion wine of distinctive quality.

Mark Hellyar